Melanie L. Denny is the person you want. She was worth every single penny that her fees demand. She is very professional and her work is outstanding and more importantly…she is an even better person.

- Lorenzo Whitestone, CPP

L.I.V.E!TM Resumes

Does your resume Look Good, is it Intentional, Value-based and Enticing to the reader? If you’re like most, it’s probably not. Most self-written resumes are actually sub-par.

But you’re in luck!

Our L.I.V.E!TM resumes not only make employers drool, they pass the 6-second test so you actually get called for the interview.

Yeap! Recruiters only take 6 seconds to scan your resume and make a decision on whether to call you up or toss your application in the BIG FAT NO pile.

Demand their attention with a unique layout that is scannable, easy on the eyes and inviting to read. Make sure it includes only the most relevant information that strategically emphasizes your valuable experience while incorporating powerful keywords so you become viewed as the perfect fit for your dream job.

Our resumes win every time because we sell your value NOT your experience. With our comprehensive discovery process, we are able to garner the most impressive, quantifiable achievements to showcase your uniqueness and speak their language – dollars and cents ($$%%).

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Resume writing services Resume-Evolution

Melanie Denny is an extraordinary woman and thanks to her I now have a resume that I can confidently hand over to prospective employers.

Since the new updated resume I have been offered job opportunities that suit me. My resume is now screaming out ‘HIRE ME’ and I give all my thanks to her.

- Aduke Wilson

Cover Letters & e-notes

Some career professionals believe cover letters are dead, but they are very much alive and a necessary component of your application. But, you haven’t a clue what to say in your cover letter, do you?

Well, leave it to us to determine the best message for your cover letter so you don’t rehash the resume, but use it as an opportunity to sell yourself to your future boss.

We craft 2 distinct letters for you: one designed for you to submit with formal online applications and the other is written with the intent to make an initial connection with recruiters and hiring managers via email or LinkedIn.

So, whether you are looking to introduce yourself in an email or submit a formal cover letter as part of your resume submission, you will have something powerful, interesting and relevant to say that will spark the reader’s excitement and make them want to talk to you about joining their team right away.


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Cover letter help Resume-Evolution

Melanie, Love your work – I hope I live up to my resume!

- Maureen Rodolfy

LinkedIn Overhaul

Is your LinkedIn profile sub-par?

Are you almost embarrassed by your bare-bones profile?

Don’t have a clue how to make it better?

94% of recruiters are looking for candidates just like you on LinkedIn, but your profile pretty much sucks or sounds dull, boring and generic! Am I right?

Each one of our professional resume writers have been trained on exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you actually show up in recruiter searches for the job opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

We break down each section of your profile and create an intriguing, keyword-rich headline, including a personable summary and an achievement-driven experience section, with your strongest, most relevant skills so you become a sought-after candidate among recruiters in your field.

You will finally have a LinkedIn profile that you are proud of; one that turns heads; one that *pops* and make recruiters want to call you to fill their open positions ASAP!

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LinkedIn Profile Service Resume-Evolution

After losing a high profile job that I held for 9 years very unexpectedly, I was left devastated, and so out of touch with the current job market, I didn’t know what to do. Resume-Evolution has given me a resume and cover letter, that has erased all of my fears. Now, when I submit my resume, I know that it is of the highest standard. Also, her LinkedIn service has given me such a powerful profile, that it is being viewed by companies all over the world! Thanks Melanie!

- Scott Sirach

LinkedIn Training

Having an awesome profile is a great start, but to truly maximize your success on LinkedIn, you’ll need to understand how LinkedIn works, how to build a targeted network of professionals that may be able to connect you to your next opportunity and foster authentic relationships – without asking for a hand out.

During this 60 minute training, I walk you through the strategies you need to tap into LinkedIn’s hidden gems and stand out among a sea of 610+ million.

  • learn advanced profile secrets and present yourself as the brilliant professional that you are.
  • build the authority, credibility and visibility you need to attract high-level opportunities.
  • stand out as a valuable asset to potential employers, recruiters and decision makers.
  • create a strategic network of professionals within your targeted audience.
  • gain access to your future boss and engage with industry colleagues that help you get in through the back door.
  • retain the video to re-watch any time you’d like.
Resume writing services resume distribtion Resume-Evolution

I have to say thanks for helping me with getting my resume together…I’ve gotten several jobs and I know my resume helped me get calls back. As soon as we revised my resume, the calls were flooding in! I’ve referred one friend and I’m sending over another since you’re so great at what you do.

- Latisha Gaither

Job Search Strategy Session

Yes, your new resume is pure awesomeness and you’re ready to start applying!

But, do you know how to actually get your new and improved resume in front of the right people? Job searching is not as simple as it once was. Therefore, you’ll need a real strategy in place (and I don’t mean figuring out how many Indeed applications you can send within 10 minutes).

You need to figure out how to reach your future boss and get your resume in front of him or her. In this 30 minute session, we devise a customized job search plan so you make sure you are spending your job search time wisely.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly where your best-fit opportunities lie and where to go both online and offline to start getting interviews lined up right away.

Melanie provided useful tips on networking and optimizing my LinkedIn profile in order to attract recruiters. I landed several interviews, which led to a job offer that I accepted. Melanie’s coaching combined broad technical knowledge of job-hunting techniques with an encouraging style that kept me motivated throughout the process. I would recommend her to anyone looking for resume writing or job search coaching services.

- Katharine Spehar

1:1 Resume Tailoring Class

Applicant Tracking Systems can be a challenge to figure out. Now that more than 80% of companies are using some kind of ATS to manage applications, you’ve got to crack the ATS code if you want to have a chance when applying online. Luckily all of our documents are ATS friendly – plus we give you a free ASCII plain text file just in case.

But formatting is only one component that the ATS looks at. You also have to master what I like to call the ‘keyword game’. The resume we create for you will be fabulous to send to contacts, hiring managers and recruiters, but you may need to tweak some of the verbiage based on the job description at hand.

I know…you’re not exactly sure how to do that, right? Well, I am now adding a free service where after each and every project is finalized, we will hop on a live screen share and I will show you exactly how to tweak your resume so it matches the job description more closely.

And… you get the video recording to re-watch any time you’d like.


The services I received from Melanie were incredible! She completed my resume in a timely manner, advised me on the “do’s and don’ts” of a resume, and provided some interview tips. Melanie has given me the confidence to send my resume to employers that I didn’t have before! In fact, when I interviewed for the job I have now the employer complimented my cover letter! She’s amazing and I will now and always use her services and advice!

- Marquise Vilsaint

Resume Distribution

Let’s face it. With the advancement of technology, today’s job market has become over-saturated and can be very overwhelming. The major online job boards are certainly not the most ideal way to spend your time since there is only an average 1% to 4% success rate.

The name of the game is finding people — NOT JOBS! So, why not reach out directly to recruiters in your field who have career opportunities ready to be filled by someone with your skill set? We have access to a database of more than 18,000 unique recruiting firms across the US who would love to see your resume come across their inbox.

Let us do the work for you! We email your brand new resume and intro letter to specified recruiters in your field and provide you with a list with their contact information so you can follow up directly.

Your job search couldn’t be easier!

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Resume writing services resume distribtion Resume-Evolution

You must have distributed my new résumé to the recruiters this morning. My phone has been ringing off the hook all day. This was the best money I have spent in a very long time! Can’t thank you enough.

- Happy Client from New Jersey

Job Search Guide

Once your resume is all polished, L.I.V.E! and oozing with pure “awesome-ness,” you’ve got to get it in front of the right people – people in the position to hire you. This resource entitled, My Resume is Awesome – Now What? will give you the tools and strategies you need to navigate today’s job market, work with recruiters and market yourself so you get noticed for the opportunities you actually want.

**This is a PDF download included with every purchase. Not available for individual sale ($49 value)

LinkedIn Profile Service Resume-Evolution

How it works…

Once you pick your package, you will then be prompted to check out and redirected to a questionnaire which is necessary for us to get a better idea of your work history, accomplishments and career goals. Be sure to copy and paste 2 sample job descriptions of positions you are targeting and upload a copy of your existing resume.

Once we receive all your information, your certified professional resume writer will reach out to you with any questions he/she may have. Within 5 -7 business days from your initial order, you will receive your brand new documents via email.

If you have any edits, changes or questions, they may be discussed with your writer at that time. Once all documents are finalized, you will receive final versions and a free gift to prepare you for all the job interviews that will be coming your way.

Also, you may want to check with your tax professional. Resume services may be a tax deductible item 😉

Client Snapshot


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Clients Holding Undergrad Degrees


Clients Holding Advanced Degrees


Clients Making 6-Figures


Entry Level (0-2 Years Experience)

Are you a recent graduate just starting out in your field or looking to switch careers completely? Our team of professional resume writers will highlight your transferable skills so you become a shoe-in for the perfect position that will jump start your new career.

Mid / Professional Level (3 – 10 years experience)

If you’re an established professional with some valuable experience under your belt as either an individual contributor or mid-level manager who is ready to take your career to the next level and need an edge to land your next job, let us help you sell your value so you land that corner office and higher paycheck.

Senior Professional (Sr. Director / VP / General Counsel)

With your high level of success in business leadership, you absolutely deserve that hefty 6-figure salary. But, you must be able to articulate your value right away (in 6 seconds to be exact). Our executive resume writers know exactly how to showcase your brand promise and unique selling proposition to position you as the top pick for those Senior Director, VP, SVP, General Counsel positions you deserve.

Exec Level (CXO & above)

As a respected organizational leader and influencer with a track record of success driving growth within corporations, you must be able to tell your professional story and articulate your value to potential employers. Whether you’re a CIO, COO, CEO, CTO, Chairman or Board Member, your credentials and accolades should be strategically packaged in well-crafted, succinct self-marketing documents that represent your unique brand while selling your worth.

Looking for a more affordable option?

Now you can learn our Resume L.I.V.E!™ System so you can create your own value-based resume!

Only $197

Thank you so much for saving my life lol. I had been at the same job for the past 4.5 years. I was at the point where just thinking about going to my job would make me so sad and depressed.

I was so impressed with the way she had me sounding on paper, that I walked into that interview with my head held up and my confidence at an all time high.

The recruiter took one look at my resume and said “I have no doubt in my mind you are the perfect fit for our company”. Within 2 days, I received my offer letter and learned that I will be making double my current salary. I am so excited to start my new career and I could not have done it without her help. Thank you so much , you are truly amazing at what you do!!

- Teresa Levy

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