Branding is More Than Visual Effects on Your Executive Resume 

Executive job seekers often include branding on their resume and think it stops there. While creating a clean, easy to scan resume with great color and modern fonts can help you promote yourself, there is more to branding than that. Having a well-formatted resume does indeed convey your professionalism. However, the truth is that the colors or font you use can help your resume look put together but there are ways of standing out and catching the attention of recruiters and hiring officials that go beyond this. 

Differentiate Yourself With Your Unique Executive Story

In our current, extremely competitive market, it is important to stand out. At our executive resume services, our experts help jobseekers stand out by telling a unique executive story. This can include successes, a history of unique value brought to each workplace or a strong suit for personnel leadership, to name a few. We always suggest that clients always take the time to stop and consider what makes them stand out. Taking the time to strategize and plan is much better than simply slapping bullet points of skills on a resume. 

A unique executive story should always include solid statistics or facts, examples of value and achievements. Achievements don’t always have to be formal awards, although these help when mentioned on a resume. Pulling info from evaluation reports can be a great way of showing a track record for success, good work ethic or reliability. Staying at a company for over a decade with multiple promotions is another great contribution to your branding story. 

Convey Your Value 

One of the biggest struggles we see jobseekers work through is not knowing their value or how to convey it on their resume. At our executive resume services we help our clients clearly communicate this. What conveying your value entails is making sure that those reading your resume will get plenty of takeaway from the writing. Again, creating bullet points that are more than just a list of daily tasks is vital. Using strong action verbs, avoiding boring resume speak (responsible for, great team player, strong work ethic, etc.), and deleting repetitive job descriptions will all help get rid of the usual fluff that recruiters and HR specialists hate to see. What will shine through will be your specific differentiating story. 

Strategize for Professional Communication

Part of your branding includes how you communicate and interact with others professionally. This can include email correspondences to people in your network or colleagues that have put in a good word for you. This can also include how you interact with others on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to make a presence, show your expertise and share successes. This can be done through your profile, creating posts and interacting with other posts and through messages to your connections. You can also leverage your good reputation by reaching out to those who might be willing to give you a recommendation or endorse some of your skills.  

Reach Out to Our Executive Resume Services

If you are struggling to tell your executive story or create a resume with some strong branding, our executive resume services will take the job and the stress off your hands. Our certified experts understand the value of story telling and how to apply it tastefully to your resume. In the current job market you have no choice but to stand out from other applicants. If you have questions about the tips we have offered or want to make an appointment, be sure to give us a call. 

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