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Executive Branding Services for the Aspiring Executive with Big Dreams


Your next career move is right around the corner

Hi, I’m Melanie L. Denny, President of Resume-Evolution.

As a personal branding consultant and award-winning resume expert, I work with executive women who dream of landing their next Director+ position, securing a board seat or starting a new business venture.

Through my C.R.E.A.M. self-marketing framework, I show them exactly how to clarify their goals, reposition their brilliance, embrace their uniqueness, articulate their value, market their expertise and sell themselves so they land their next executive role with salary increases of $15K to $50K+.

Why offer executive branding services?

Many clients come to me because they feel overwhelmed with the job search and are unsure how to position themselves as the executive leader that they are. It’s not surprising since no one taught you how to market yourself. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Confidently packaging your brilliance and showing up as the obvious choice doesn’t have to be a struggle.

I started Resume-Evolution in 2009 as a resume writing business and I decided to pivot into offering executive branding services because I enjoyed working with aspiring executives who knew they were ready for the next step, but couldn’t create a compelling story that resonated with those looking for their exact skill set. I realized that a lot of brilliant professionals (particularly women) need my help and too often they are winging it, selling themselves short and leaving money on the table.

How is Resume-Evolution different?

Our executive branding services are comprehensive and is based on a proprietary framework that works. Our services are not limited to a just website or a resume. We offer a comprehensive brand development strategy based on your individual needs and desires. This allows us to serve not just executive candidates searching for corporate roles or board positions, but business owners wanting to showcase their expertise to ultimately grow their startups, attract customers or secure partnerships.   

Clarify your goals

  • Get crystal clear on your career target through introspective reflection and research to refocus with a clear end in site

Reposition your brilliance

  • Learn how to package your skills, strengths and career history to appeal to your target opportunities

Embrace your uniqueness

  • Confidently uncover your unique differentiating factors that make you special and set you apart from your peers

Articulate your value

  • Identify your most compelling and relevant success stories and talk about yourself in a meaningful way that attracts your ideal audience

Market your expertise

  • Launch a self-marketing campaign that puts your unique brand message in front of employers and potential business connections

Sell yourself

  • Seal the deal after your interviews, pitches and presentations by positioning yourself as the solution to your audience’s problems

Building your personal brand is more important than ever before!

Job Candidates: The reality is: 90% of executive recruiters say they conduct online research of potential candidates and 85% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals say that an employee’s online reputation influences their hiring decisions.

Business Owners: Did you know that 82% of people are more likely to trust a company when their senior executives are active on social media and 77% of consumers are more likely to buy when the CEO of the business uses social media?

Bottom line: if you don’t have a strong online brand presence, you’re missing out on lucrative opportunities.

It’s time to uncover your unique brand message, boost your visibility and get found for the higher-level executive positions you deserve.

After working together, you’ll:

  • Know the unique value you have to offer and how your uniqueness lends itself to your target audience’s pain points.
  • Confidently articulate your career story in a meaningful and compelling way so you’re viewed as the obvious choice
  • Curate your brand voice online to attract opportunities aligned with your business goals and targeted positions or opportunities


In today’s job market, a strong resume is essential, but let’s face it, in the wake of the pandemic, competition is fierce.

How will you cut through the noise and set yourself apart?

How will you become a sought after candidate?

How will you attract recruiters and hiring managers?

It’s all about your personal brand

We challenge you to reframe your mindset around the job search. It’s time to stop job searching, applying online and waiting for the phone to ring. It’s time to start taking control of your own self-marketing campaign and selling you (the product) to your customer (your future boss).

Learn about our professional resume services

L.I.V.E!TM Resumes

Does your resume Look Good, is it Intentional, Value-based and Enticing to the reader? If you’re like most, it’s probably not. Most self-written resumes are actually sub-par.

You’re in luck! With our L.I.V.E! Resume System we dig deep to make sure your unique brand shines through. Our L.I.V.E! resumes will not only make employers drool, but will position you for a $15K to $50K salary increase.

We are masters at positioning your for higher-level salaries. By showcasing only the most relevant, compelling information that strategically emphasizes your valuable experience while incorporating powerful keywords, you become viewed as the perfect fit for your dream job.

Melanie Denny is an extraordinary woman and thanks to her I now have a resume that I can confidently hand over to prospective employers.

Since the new updated resume I have been offered job opportunities that suit me. My resume is now screaming out ‘HIRE ME’ and I give all my thanks to her.

- Aduke Wilson

Value Proposition Letters

Some career professionals believe cover letters are dead, and we agree that they are. In their place, value proposition letters have emerged as a necessary component of your self-marketing campaign.

A cover letter introduces you to the potential organization, a beautifully crafted value proposition letter reinforces your career story  without rehashing the resume or boring the reader to death.

Instead of submitting your typical run-of-the-mill letters that don’t get read, let us craft a powerful, concise, value proposition letter that positions you as a valuable asset to the potential organization.

The services I received from Melanie were incredible! She completed my resume in a timely manner, advised me on the “do’s and don’ts” of a resume, and provided some interview tips. Melanie has given me the confidence to send my resume to employers that I didn’t have before! In fact, when I interviewed for the job I have now the employer complimented my cover letter! She’s amazing and I will now and always use her services and advice!
- Marquise Vilsaint


It’s all about finding people – not jobs.

The reality is, more than 80% of jobs aren’t advertised and 70% of jobs are found through networking. So, what does that mean for you? Direct connections are vital to your job search success.

With a customizable e-note (short for electronic note), you can make a strong initial impression when introducing yourself to your future boss, recruiters in your field or HR reps at the companies you’re targeting.

You will have something powerful, interesting and relevant to say that will spark the reader’s excitement and make them want to talk to you about joining their team right away.


- Estelle Williams

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

94% of recruiters are looking for candidates just like you on LinkedIn, but your profile sounds dull, boring and generic! Am I right?

Don’t have a clue how to make it better?

Each one of our team members have been trained on exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you actually show up in recruiter searches for the job opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

We break down each section of your profile and create an intriguing, keyword-rich headline, including a personable summary and an achievement-driven experience section, with your strongest, most relevant skills so you become a sought-after candidate among recruiters in your field.

We also design a branded, custom banner to make sure your profile has that added touch of class.

You will finally have a LinkedIn profile that you are proud of; one that turns heads; one that *pops* and makes recruiters want to call you to fill their open positions ASAP.​

After losing a high profile job that I held for 9 years very unexpectedly, I was left devastated, and so out of touch with the current job market, I didn’t know what to do. Resume-Evolution has given me a resume and cover letter, that has erased all of my fears. Now, when I submit my resume, I know that it is of the highest standard. Also, her LinkedIn service has given me such a powerful profile, that it is being viewed by companies all over the world! Thanks Melanie!
- Scott Sirach

Leveraging LinkedIn Training

Once you have a strong LinkedIn Profile, to truly maximize your success, you’ll need to understand how LinkedIn works and how to build a targeted network of professionals that may be able to connect you to your next opportunity and foster authentic relationships – without asking for a hand out.

During this 60 minute training, we’ll walk you through the strategies you need to tap into LinkedIn’s hidden gems and stand out among a sea of 700+ million.

  • build the authority, credibility and visibility you need to attract high-level opportunities.
  • stand out as a valuable asset to potential employers, recruiters and decision makers.
  • create a strategic network of professionals within your targeted audience.
  • gain access to your future boss and engage with industry colleagues that help you get in through the back door.
I have to say thanks for helping me with getting my resume together…I’ve gotten several jobs and I know my resume helped me get calls back. As soon as we revised my resume, the calls were flooding in! I’ve referred one friend and I’m sending over another since you’re so great at what you do.
- Latisha Gaither


We offer a more affordable option for you to learn our L.I.V.E! Resume System. You will learn step-by-step how to create a resume that Looks good, is Intentional, Value-based, and Enticing.


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