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When it comes to conducting an executive job search we know the playing field is completely different. From having a great C-Level Executive Resume to perfecting your strategy, our experts have some tips that will get you on the right path. 

Executive job seekers face a whole different set of hurdles. Once you reach the top of your ladder, finding new rungs becomes much more strategic. We have a few expert tips to help you conduct your career move properly. From attracting attention on LinkedIn to preparing an excellent C-level resume, we have some advice that will get you moving in the right direction.

Most Executive Jobs are Not Posted Online

While there are plenty of job boards that cater to executive job seekers (The Ladders, Ivy Execs, ExecuNet) only 10 percent of available jobs are really posted online. There are so many aspects to an executive role that there is actually good reason for this. At the top of the list is organizational discretion. When it comes to filling CEO, CFO and other six figure and up positions, replacing a C-level employee isn’t something a company always wants to advertise. Leaked information can even have legal consequences. Secondly, a C-level position often comes with a large amount of authority and accountability. Choosing an applicant from a job board blindly isn’t always the savviest move.

Prepare a Great C-Level Executive Resume

While you may already know about the difficulty of finding available executive job postings, you are probably asking, what actionable steps should I take? Getting a great C-level executive resume together should be your first priority. With the uphill work and the steep competition, having a perfect resume is vital. The following are some great features to include in your resume: 

  • Solid personal branding
  • An overarching story of your success
  • Clear work history detailing progression
  • Solid numbers, statistics and examples of your achievements
  • Clear, easy to scan formatting
  • No longer than two pages

Use Your Personal Brand to Attract Attention

Your C-Level executive resume is only the start of your job search strategy. This is a great tool that will help you land the interview, but you still need to find the open positions. Our experts understand all too well how important your personal branding is. This is more than just the colors of your resume or the header on your LinkedIn profile. Your personal brand encompasses your story of success, unique attributes, work ethic and character. There are several ways to use these aspects to attract attention. 

Using your LinkedIn profile to attract attention is an easy first step. Your about section should be thorough with details about your overarching story with plenty of takeaways. Your jobs should not be empty of valuable bullet points and achievements. Using your resume bullet points scrubbed clean of confidential information should be used. When you take the time to simply work on your LinkedIn profile and add the right keywords in the right places, you’ll find that you get noticed on more searches. This is only the first step. Next you should take time to consistently engage and connect. Participating in conversations, sharing posts and following companies will show LinkedIn that you are an active member and you will start showing up on your contacts’ feed.

Networking is Key to an Executive Job Search

As mentioned with LinkedIn, it is so important to let those around you know that you are looking for the next career move. This of course needs to be done with discretion and strategy. The last thing you want is your own corporation catching wind that you want to leave. However, letting trusted connections and colleagues know about your interest will help. 

As mentioned, most executive jobs are not going to be found by looking on job boards. Instead, word of mouth and internal searches are how most executive hiring happens. Boards or members of executive leadership may ask around for recommendations. Hearing about a prime candidate from a trusted employee or friend is much better than a cold lead. Using your network as well as these other tips will get you exposure while keeping your search as confidential as possible.  

If you are still unsure of how to proceed with your C-level executive resume, handing the project over to an expert resume writer can relieve a lot of stress. Trusting an expert will mean receiving excellent documents that will help you take the next career steps. 


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