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I know Resume-Evolution as a resume service, what is an executive branding firm?

Resume-Evolution has been writing resumes for brilliant professionals since 2009. As recruiting and hiring processes have evolved, so has the job search process. Although a resume is an absolute vital part, in 2020 and beyond it is not the end-all-be-all.

Because today’s job market calls for more than just a resume, we have expanded our services to help those looking to level up to put their best foot forward so they can get found and hired in today’s hyper-competitive market. We have expanded our services to offer a complete solution designed to help aspiring executives looking to move into Director, VP, SVP or CXO positions. 

Do I really need a LinkedIn Profile?

In a short answer – YES.

If you are in the market for a job, it is highly recommended that you have a strong LinkedIn presence and that you add your resume to LinkedIn. Recruiters are actively using LinkedIn to search for candidates with your skill set every single day. If you aren’t there or your profile isn’t strong enough, you can’t and won’t get hired for those opportunities. We actually have an awesome blog that talks more about why LinkedIn is an absolute must for your job search. Our team of professional LinkedIn profile writers will make your LinkedIn page exquisite. So, make sure you take advantage of our LinkedIn profile writing service to maximize your job search success.

How does the process work?

First, visit our “Services” page and pick your professional resume package. You will then be prompted to check out and set up an account in our portal. There, you’ll find the contract as well as a questionnaire, which is necessary for us to get a better idea of your work history, accomplishments and career goals. Be sure to copy and paste 2 sample job descriptions of positions you are targeting and upload a copy of your existing resume.

Once we receive all your information, you will schedule your personal branding session with your certified professional resume writer to discuss project details. Within 7 -10 business days from your personal branding session, you will receive your brand new documents via email designed for you to beat the ATS and convey your value, not just your experience. 

If you have any edits, changes or questions, they may be discussed with your writer at that time. Once all documents are finalized, you will receive final versions so you can start sending them out with confidence.

How does the resume distribution services work?
With the continually evolving job market, recruiters are now able to recruit from anywhere in the country. That means a recruiter could be working on a position in your area even if they are located across the nation. Our distribution service opens up opportunities for you to be seen and your resume will be instantly accessible to recruiters across the country, improving your chances of being hired right in your own city through a coast-to-coast distribution.

Once your new professional resume is all done, we determine the type of positions you are best suited for and send your resume along with an intro letter directly to the recruiters within your field of interest. Typically, we contact anywhere from 800 to 2,500 recruiters all over the country who then reach out to you directly if there is an opportunity for you within their portfolio.

The beauty of this service is that you don’t have to do any of the work, but it appears that the email came straight from you!  We also provide you with an Excel spreadsheet with the names and contact information for everyone your documents were sent to. It’s a wonderful service and a great way to tap into the hidden job market and get your awesome new professional resume in front of the right people – those actively looking to hire you.

Looking for opportunities outside the US? Let us know and we can open up your geographic areas to Asia, Africa, Europe and more!

Why do I need a professional resume service? Can’t I just do my resume myself?

Of course you can do it yourself. But, the thing is, the vast majority of companies use Applicant Tracking Systems – ATS systems to read your resume. If you don’t know how to beat the ATS, hiring managers will never see your resume. On top of that, recruiters only spend 6 seconds scanning your resume and if it fails to stand out within that short amount of time, it will likely end up in the ‘trash’ pile.

As Certified Professional Resume Writers, we have been trained specifically to create a keyword-rich, unique, accomplished-based resume that will make you stand out among hundreds (even thousands) of applicants, which will maximize your chances of getting interviews and build confidence within yourself as a value-added candidate. We are also skilled at adding your resume to LinkedIn to increase your chances of being seen by recruiters.

Still not convinced? Read more on our recent blog post that outlines 5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Résumé Writer.


How long will it take to receive my documents?
Once we have received payment, your completed questionnaire and a current copy of your current résumé, it will take 5 -7 business days for you to receive the initial draft. At that point you have 7 days to respond with any edits you may have and can discuss any questions with your writer at that time. We hardly have a large number of edits from our clients so the entire process typically takes less than 2 weeks.
In what format will I receive my documents?

All documents will be sent via e-mail as a Word file. Upon your final approval you will receive 2 versions of your resume: 1. Microsoft Word (.doc) and 2. PDF (.pdf) to protect the format.

Do you offer refunds?
We strive for perfection with each and every service we provide and pride ourselves on being the best resume writing service online. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final copy of any document, we will continue to revise it until you are completely confident that your self-marketing tools are a true representation of you! Thus, we do not offer refunds.
What if I am unsure of the industry or type of position I am looking for?

Because we pride ourselves on creating focused self-marketing documents, we would need to know your short and long term career goals for us to help you. You may want to explore hiring a career coach to help determine your next steps if you are at a cross road in your career. Contact us for a list of trusted colleagues we can refer to help you.

Can I visit your office?
We work with our clients via e-mail and telephone only. These are the most practical and convenient ways to serve you.
Still didn’t get your questions answered? Call us at 888-765-8515, send us an online chat message or email us directly at info@resume-evolution.com.

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