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We know your decision to eliminate some of your valuable employees was not the easiest choice. We also know that while you made a strategic business decision, you still want the best for your loyal staff members.

As an upstanding organization, your priority is to support your employees through this challenging transition. The best way to do this is to provide them the opportunity to receive high-quality job search / career services that will prepare them for today’s job market. 

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Partner with us to not only support your displaced employees but…

  • Maintain your reputation as a desireable employer despite going through a reduction in force by taking care of impacted employees, even after they’re terminated.
  • Save money in costs associated with unemployment claims by enabling impacted employees to land a new role much faster.
  • Avoid potential lawsuits for wrongful termination from disgruntled employees by providing resources that refocuses their energy on what new opportunities will come their way.

Why is Resume-Evolution a top choice for your outplacement needs?
  • 10 years empowering job seekers to land the jobs they want at the pay they deserve.
  • Integrated career empowerment approach, proven to boost client confidence, optimism and sense of self-worth even among displaced workers.
  • Proven ability to help candidates sell themselves online (LinkedIn),  in person (interviews) and on paper (resumes) supported by several case studies below.
  • Fully customizable options that fit any budget and individualized career coaching for all levels from the hourly worker to mid-management to the executive team.

Offering both virtual and on-site supprt, our team of certified career professionals provide outplacement services in Florida including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa.

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