High school is a time to consider your future as you move towards becoming an adult. Whether you plan on going to college, traveling the world, or pursuing a trade, you’ll need to highlight your accomplishments in the form of a resume. If you’re a homeschooled high school student, you may face challenges when it comes to writing your resume; considering that between either a homeschooled environment or just attending an online public school from home might be a little socially isolating, there should be efforts to network even if you’re a bit young. Even homeschoolers who are in elementary school can begin to lay the groundwork for their futures.

Find A Job Or Internship

As a high school student, getting a job shows that you are hardworking and reliable. There are many jobs available to teenagers in restaurants, retail stores, and service fields. If you’re too young to meet the legal requirements to work in your state, there are other options such as babysitting, dog walking, and lawn maintenance. Internships are another great way to build your reputation, especially if it’s in a career field that you’re interested in. By showing up on time, working hard, and having a great attitude, you will gain valuable references for the future.

Join A Club

Many school districts allow homeschooled youth to join extracurricular activities at their district school. Whether you love sports, dance, or theater, this is an excellent way to find mentors and network. Your local museums, community centers, and scouting chapters are another way to take classes or learn new skills. Classes and club memberships show prospective employers and universities that you are a diverse person with a love of learning.

Start A Business

Show off your entrepreneurial skills by becoming your own boss. Depending on your skill set and interests, you can turn a hobby into a paying gig. Some options would be opening an online store, building websites, or offering a tutoring service. Use your knowledge of social media platforms by promoting your company. Running your own business shows that you have focus, determination, and creativity.

Once you’ve begun your journey into networking, building business relationships, and developing new job skills, showcase your experience on LinkedIn. As you create your resume, think about all that you’ve learned and what you want colleges and employers to know about you. A well-written resume is the first step to connecting with your future.


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