Personal branding is all the buzz these days and your digital footprint is definitely a factor when it comes to the job search process. Having a strong resume and a compelling LinkedIn profile is essential, but building a personal website may definitely give you a cutting edge. But how?

Design it with the reader in mind…

As with your self-marketing documents, you need to put the most vital information at the forefront. This can include a brief headline that defines your unique brand message. Take this opportunity to include information not easily included on resumes or social media sites, such as a portfolio of creative work and more in-depth descriptions of projects and achievements. These descriptions should emphasize the result of your tasks with the most relevant information based on your targeted position.

Focus on the value you offer…

Employers want to know what you can do for them, so do not talk much about your goals and the type of role you want. Instead, touch on how you have been valuable to previous employers and the skills and talents you provide. Don’t forget to inject your personality into your site. Don’t go overboard, but use a little humor and include tidbits of who you are as a person. This will make you feel more real to hiring managers and give them an idea of how well your personality will fit with their existing team.

Use SEO…

SEO (search engine optimization) is very important for making your personal website visible to hiring managers. Unlike social media sites like LinkedIn, employers will not be able to find you as easily via Google as they would with built-in search features. To have good SEO, choose a few words and key phrases that describe you and use them throughout your website. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and consider what they would search for. If you have a presence on other social media, use those same words and phrases there too.

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